Affogato di Sabbionara

Affogato di Sabbionara originates from the union of two native, typical of lower Vallagarina land products: it is a local cheese made in “malga” i.e. the typical alpine pasture dairies which is then “affogato” i.e. “drawned” in Enantio “Terra dei Forti” red wine for 15-20 days. At the end of this process the rind becomes red-purple and the cheese acquires a distinctive, aromatic taste.

Characteristics of product: it is a semi-hard cheese with semi-cooked paste that features its typical eye-holes. It is refined through a process of immersion in Enantio red wine, which seeps into the cheese paste through tiny holes especially made in the rind.
Storage: wheels to be stored in conditioned premises.
Ingredients: raw milk, salt, rennet. No additives and preservatives.


Cows bred in stables of 20/25 heads

Cows fed with hay and fresh grass

Controlled quality milk

Environmentally friendly breeding


The Affogato di Sabbionara goes well with a fragrant, savory and spicy wine. The Enantio Terra dei Forti wine allows to enhance the taste of this cheese, the same wine in which the cheese is seasoned.


Trentino - Vallagarina


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