Toséla di Primiero

Toséla is a typical, quite unique fresh cheese obtained from the moulded curd of milk just delivered from dairy. It originates from Primiero valley and owes its name to the Italian word “tosatura” i.e. “clipping”, which refers to the operation of rimming the excess paste from the mould edges.

Characteristics of product: a raw, fresh paste cheese with a compact, soft, white or light straw-yellow texture. Since it does not contain salt, it is a very versatile ingredient in many recipes.
Storage: wheels to be stored in conditioned premises.
Ingredients: semi-skimmed raw milk, milk enzymes, rennet. No additives or preservatives.


Cows bred in stables of 20/25 heads

Cows fed with hay and fresh grass

Controlled quality milk

Environmentally friendly breeding


Trentino - Valle di Primiero


Qualità Trentino