Vezzena del Trentino

Vèzzena del Trentino, a renowned cheese since early 1900, is excellent both as table and grating cheese. Savoury, slightly spicy, it can be aged up to 2 years and acquires different aromas depending on cows’ grazing period.

Characteristics of product: it is a semi-hard and semi-cooked cheese obtained from milk of the uplands of Lavarone, Folgaria, Brentonico, Vallagarina and Valsugana. The mountain pasture sort is produced in the season that goes from June to September.
Storage: wheels to be stored in conditioned premises.
Ingredients: semi-skimmed raw milk, salt, rennet. No additives or preservatives.


Cows bred in stables of 20/25 heads

Cows fed with hay and fresh grass

Controlled quality milk

Environmentally friendly breeding


Vèzzena is a flavorful cheese that matches well with the sweet, which scales it. In particular, this cheese matches well with rhododendron honey, with a sweet flavour, but light and low persistence.


Trentino - Folgaria, Lavarone, Luserna