Cuor di Fassa

Cuor di Fassa is a typical cheese from the Val di Fassa. At one time it was produced in an alpine hut or in half-mountain barns or in turnaria dairies. Its tradition has been handed down to us, with the set of flavors and aromas, intense and unique, of the herbs and flowers of the mountain where the cows are bred. For the particular treatment of the wheels, with washed rind, it is a tasty cheese, but also suitable for delicate palates.

Characteristics: Cuor di Fassa is a semi-hard cheese with semi-cooked paste, that features a moist rind. It is made from milk of farms of Fiemme and Fassa valleys.
Storage: wheels to be stored in conditioned premises.
Ingredients: raw milk, salt, rennet. No additives or preservatives.


Cows bred in stables of 20/25 heads

Cows fed with hay and fresh grass

Controlled quality milk

Environmentally friendly breeding


Val di Fassa


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