Milk, salt, rennet and respect

At Trentingrana we do not force the pace or apply rules that do not belong to us.
We value craftsmanship, nature and hard work over comfort because these are the only ingredients we need.

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Rebellious excellence

Every corner of the mountains has a story to tell and a tradition to be proud of.
Discover the taste of the typical products of the various areas and valleys of Trentino, true local excellences that offer unique and characteristic aromas and flavours.

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30-month-aged Trentingrana

Patience is a virtue.
The 30-month-aged Trentigrana takes all the time it needs to mature and enhance its intense, bold flavour.

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With a Trentino soul and a rebellious character,
the unique flavour of Trentingrana is a mountain endeavour.


Each excellence is a cheese that tells
a story of tradition and pride.


If our cheese is unique, we owe it to the unique place where it is produced.


Our nature, our cows, the dedication of our people. Being rebellious is also a commitment to a sustainable supply chain.

From peaks to totals, Trentingrana in numbers.


Consortium of Trentino Social dairies


dairies producing Trentingrana and other cheeses of excellence


farmers deliver superior mountain milk to dairies


metres above sea level where our cows graze


days a week of work and effort, dedication and knowledge

Recipes, news and more.
Enjoy the world of Trentingrana.